David Vertesi’s first foray as a solo artist sees him going for the singer-songwriter crown. It’s an album that covers a wide range of sound from pop, to rock, soaring ballad.

His songs highlight the many (and sometimes contradictory) sides of love and like his subject matter, remedy Vertesi manages to be as tragic as he is playful, as refreshing as he is familiar and as spontaneous as he is deliberate. His lyrics give simple yet careful depictions of enduring love (All Night, All Night, All Night) and relentless doubt (Hearts Don’t Break, People Do), while his low and consoling vocals seem to reassure us that one inevitably leads to the other.

In the spirit of artists such as Leonard Cohen, Hayden or David Bazan, he conveys an honesty that echoes through your head long after your first listen and pulls you back with force. Vertesi is a consummate songwriter and musician and though he pays subtle homage to his influences, he seems to carve out a welcomed place for his own distinct sound.

Like a diary, Cardiography is not meant to be profound, just honest.

01. Mountainside

02. Gentlemen Say

03. All Night, All Night, All Night

04. Learn To Run

05. Cardiography

06. Broadcasting

07. Caroline! A Ghost!

08. Rossland

09. Soft Skin

10. Hearts Don’t Break, People Do

11. Epilogue

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David Vertesi - Cardiography

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