The Cracklings’ debut album Keep Full Ambitious is not an explicit sharing of specific personal moments. It is an invitation into an intimate place, a dropping of barriers and an exploration of experience. The aim is to effect people with the intensity of the music, but not to dictate the meaning. Take from it what you will, give to it what you can, come listen.

1. The Three of You 03:42
2. A Joke! 04:26
3. Geppetto 04:38
4. A Field Completely Black 05:32
5. Of Deceit 03:41
6. First Drop 05:40
7. I Am Your Rogue (Ode To The Woman) 06:13
8. The Cabin 02:47
9. The Family 05:20
10. Reticence 04:44
11. China Shop 05:30

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The Crackling - Keep Full Ambitious

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