Kenton Loewen’s The Crackling bring its unmistakeable darkened warmth, and invitation to the sometimes bleak, often challenging yet mostly hopeful subject matter found in 2013’s Mary Magdalene. Lush with texture, deep with colour and free in its unbound expression, The Crackling maintain their emotional musical vocabulary in this evocative creation.

1. The Harm 04:18
2. Keep Me Drunk 05:10
3. You’re Sure That I’m Wrong 04:32
4. The Crackling 05:03
5. Suicide is Painless 04:12
6. Ashen 04:24
7. I Ask You For the Courage 04:52
8. The Cold Sky 05:45
9. Sold The Children 03:42
10. I Love You Tonight 05:23

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The Crackling - Mary Magdalene