Welcome to the end of the NEEDS Limitations experience. Thank you so much for inviting us to give you our direct and undiluted version of the Limitations story. Sean, Glenn, Colin, Derek, and Devin worked really hard on this record and we wanted to make sure we got the whole story out to whoever wanted to know without having to wait for someone to decide to write about NEEDS.

So let’s get down to it!  All of the options here are for exclusively discounted versions of NEEDS’ Limitations. It’s available in 3 flavours – transparent redish, black, and a signed edition of the transparent red.

We also have the very last of the NEEDS double-sided logo/snake shirts for some tasty bundles. Sorry about the limited sizes!

Product Details

Every album comes packed with a digital download code so you can add it to your Bandcamp library. All orders will ship withing 5 days of ordering. Actual Canada Post Shipping rates with estimated delivery time available at checkout. Cheapest options obviously have no international tracking. Typically about a week to arrive within North America, 3-4 weeks Internationally.

Track Listing

  1. Rock Day, North Dakota
  2. Everybody Makes Me Steaks
  3. Sutton Who
  4. Stop Getting Second Helpings at the Shit Buffet
  5. Hot Dogs of the Walt Whitman Rest Stop
  6. List of Inventors Killed By Their Own Invention
  7. We Are An Art Rock Band
  8. Rage Against the Miami Sound Machine
  9. I Wish There Was Something Other Than California Girls
  10. Endless Idiotic Shots of the Sun
  11. Eat the Rich… People’s Leftovers
  12. The Decline

Don’t forget our American friends, EVERYTHING is priced in Canadian dollars which means you are saving about 20% after exchange for our virtual monopoly money!

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NEEDS - Limitations

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NEEDS don’t necessarily sound like a honed product. Their chipped-tooth punk melts down D.C. hardcore with the Plains thrash of Propagandhi. It’s unpolished and volatile, thanks in part to a tight, five-day recording schedule with producer Jesse Gander. But ideologically, Limitations is Orr’s most developed and well-rounded statement yet.
– Luke Ottenhof, Bandcamp

Sonically, NEEDS thankfully remain a nod to pre-screamo hardcore bands like Angel Hair and Heroin.
– Dan Ozzi, Noisey

While up to par with the finest in contemporary hardcore and post punk, Needs’ vigorous sounds nods to everything that makes DC hardcore so appealing and one of the most influential scenes in the history of punk. It’s wild, headstrong, cynical and thought-provoking, and it comes with an original DIY mentality and an eccentric spark.
– Destroy/Exist

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